Trait rustlearn::array::traits::RowIterable [] [src]

pub trait RowIterable {
    type Item: NonzeroIterable;
    type Output: Iterator<Item=Self::Item>;
    fn iter_rows(self) -> Self::Output;
    fn iter_rows_range(self, range: Range<usize>) -> Self::Output;
    fn view_row(self, idx: usize) -> Self::Item;

Trait representing a matrix that can be iterated over in a row-wise fashion.

Associated Types

type Item: NonzeroIterable

type Output: Iterator<Item=Self::Item>

Required Methods

fn iter_rows(self) -> Self::Output

Iterate over rows of the matrix.

fn iter_rows_range(self, range: Range<usize>) -> Self::Output

Iterate over a subset of rows of the matrix.

fn view_row(self, idx: usize) -> Self::Item

View a row of the matrix.